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BLACK SCIENCE takes off on new story arc

Bestselling writer Rick Remender (LOW, DEADLY CLASS, TOKYO GHOST), artist Matteo Scalera (DYNAMO FIVE, Deadpool), and colorist Moreno Denisio will launch a new story arc in their eminently compelling sci-fi series BLACK SCIENCE this November.

Previously in BLACK SCIENCE, the use of The Pillar has allowed Anarchist scientist Grant McKay to travel to any possible universe. His was never a safe endeavor. The Anarchist League of Scientists has come to harbor two goals: clean up the Eververse and get home.

In BLACK SCIENCE #17, a bold new era begins. New readers are invited to join the Dimensionauts in a psychedelic journey of the soul.

“This is the perfect jumping on point,” said Remender. “This is the most imaginative arc yet, on a world where nothing is as it appears, and the origins of the strange beings plays a large role in the series to date. This is also where we slow down a bit and really examine who Grant McKay is.” He added, “It's Matteo and Moreno's best work to date, if these preview pages don't sell you nothing will.”

BLACK SCIENCE #17 (Diamond code: SEP150498) hits stores Wednesday, November 4th. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, October 12th.