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BLACK ROAD leads to success

Issue #1 rushed to second printing

“This is an historical treat for fans of action-adventure.” —Big Comic Page

Image Comics is pleased to announce that the break-out hit BLACK ROAD by bestselling writer Brian Wood (STARVE, Northlanders) and artists Garry Brown (The Massive, Catwoman) and Dave McCaig (Batman, American Vampire) is being rushed to a second printing in order to keep up with customer demand.

In BLACK ROAD #1, readers meet Magnus the Black—neither clean nor sober, neither Christian nor Pagan—but a man true to his word. When a ranking official under his care is brutally murdered, he’s prepared to hunt the killers to the frozen tip of Norway, religious war be damned.

BLACK ROAD #1 remains available for purchase across all digital platforms, including the Image Comics website (, the official Image Comics iOS app, Comixology’s website (, iOS, Android, and Google Play.

BLACK ROAD #1, 2nd printing (Diamond Code MAR168527) and BLACK ROAD #2 (Diamond Code MAR160557) will arrive in stores on Wednesday, May 18. The Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, April 25th.