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BIRTHRIGHT gets oversized issue to kick off new story arc

Writer Joshua Williamson (GHOSTED, NAILBITER) and artist Andrei Bressan will launch a new story arc in their ongoing Skybound fantasy series BIRTHRIGHT this November. Each issue of this new arc will feature “Hero’s Journey” variants, iconic moments in Mikey’s life depicted by Image’s finest artists.

Previously in BIRTHRIGHT, the Rhodes family discovered that the disappearance of their youngest son was not the most devastating event they’d be forced to weather. His sudden reappearance was no picnic, either. When “big” brother Brennan joined Mikey on the road, he found out that survival skills are at a premium even in our world.

In BIRTHRIGHT #11, readers get a glimpse at one of Mikey’s most pivotal moments: his confrontation with the Pale Rider.

“The first year of Birthright has been full of drama and adventure, but #11 kicks off year two with some big revelations. We finally get a glimpse into what lead Mikey to the dark side,” said Williamson. “Andrei and Adriano knocked this issue out of the park with some amazing art that is beautiful and inspiring. Can't wait to share all the insane stuff we have planned for this next arc!” He added: “Also, two words...DRAGON. RIDERS."

BIRTHRIGHT #11 Cover A by Bressen and Lucas (Diamond code SEP150521) hits stores Wednesday, November 11th. Cover B by Lukas Ketner (Diamond code SEP150522) will also be available on Wednesday, November 11th. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, October 19th.