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Mirror/Image Episode Three: Jim Rugg/Jeff Smith

February 4, 2019

Mirror/Image Episode Three: Jim Rugg/Jeff Smith

In this episode of Mirror/Image, Street Angel cartoonist Jim Rugg unites with Bone and RASL legend Jeff Smith to discuss creative process and the evolution of the indie comic.

Street Angel Vs. Ninjatech Cover Art by Jim Rugg

Check out Jim Rugg's electric Street Angel library, including the most recent entry, Street Angel Vs. Ninjatech:

After a hard fight with Ninja Carl, the deadliest girl alive seeks revenge! … against the company that manufactured his dangerous weapons. Street Angel makes some friends, kinda; helps out a witch, sorta; and fights the Assassin of the Future™: the Ninja 6000 ® by Ninjatech. Join Street Angel as she declares war on the ninja industrial complex. Sure is convenient that it’s bring your daughter to work day!

Jeff Smith's body of work can be found at Bonevill.com, including the softcover, full-cover RASL trilogy:

For the FIRST TIME in full color, the winner of the Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album is available in three trade paperback volumes complete and unabridged! A New York Times Bestseller, RASL is Jeff Smith’s follow up to his epic fantasy BONE. A tightly wound mixture of science fiction, noir and conspiracy theories, RASL is a gritty, hard-boiled tale of an inter-dimensional art thief caught between dark government forces and the mysterious powers of the universe itself. When Rasl, a thief and ex-military engineer, discovers the lost journals of Nikola Tesla, he bridges the gap between modern physics and history’s most notorious scientist. But his breakthrough comes at a great personal price. In this twisting tale of intrigue and betrayal, Rasl finds himself in possession of humankind’s deepest, most dangerous secret.

Check back next month for a new episode of Mirror/Image.

RASL Book One: The Drift Cover Art