This Week, From Image Comics: 07.01.15

June 19, 2015

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8HOUSE: ARCLIGHT #1 (a: Marian Churchland / w: Brandon Graham): The first arc in the 8HOUSE universe begins not with a bang, but with a vista—the border-edge of the Blood House lands. It's your entryway into a new approach to sci-fi/fantasy fiction. Let it wash over you.

AIRBOY #2 (OF 4) (a: Greg Hinkle / w: James Robinson): The debauchery and metafiction continue, as Robinson and Hinkle come face-to-face with a real life hero in all his glory and immediately book it for the hills. Can you blame them?


THE AUTUMNLANDS, VOL 1: TOOTH & CLAW (a: Benjamin Dewey / w: Kurt Busiek): Busiek brings a deft touch and Dewey an incredible amount of detail in THE AUTUMNLANDS, crafting a tale of wizards who sought out a grand champion to save the day, but instead find...something else.

CHEW #50 (a: Rob Guillory / w: John Layman): Tony Chu gets down to business, as he faces off with one foe in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy. I could say more, but the end of story arcs in CHEW tend to be highly dramatic or traumatic or both. This one's called "Blood Puddin'." You do the math.


CRIMINAL, VOL 6: THE LAST OF THE INNOCENT (a: Sean Phillips / w: Ed Brubaker): A typical American teenager grows into a typical American man, and he finds that life just isn't how he imagined it, despite marrying the hottest girl in school and being fast-tracked for the big time. What will put him back on top? Maybe a bit of murder.

DEADLY CLASS #14 (a: Wes Craig / w: Rick Remender): Heartbreak feels like the end of the world when you're a teenager. When you're a teenaged assassin, though, heartbreak can feel even worse, like someone pulled your heart out of your chest and made you watch as it beat its last.

THE HUMANS #6 (a: Tom Neely / w: Keenan Marshall Keller): Johnny's coping with being freshly back in the World by taking a trip to a strip club, looking for a familiar face. But nothing is ever easy for The HUMANS.

JUPITER'S CIRCLE #4 (a: Davide Gianfelice / w: Mark Millar): Trading the long-form storytelling of JUPITER'S LEGACY for a series for shorter vignettes, Millar and Gianfelice go all-in on deception and philandering husbands with a superhero twist. The greatest superheroes in the world have feet of clay, because despite their powers, they're human, too.

MINIMUM WAGE: SO MANY BAD DECISIONS #3 (OF 6) (w/a: Bob Fingerman): Marc Maron, hot off interviewing President Obama on his WTF podcast, guest stars as himself in Fingerman's ongoing saga of one man's attempt to get it right, and the entertaining ways he gets it wrong.

NAILBITER #14 (a: Mike Henderson / w: Joshua Williamson): Secrets about the history of Buckaroo, Oregon, home to over a dozen of the worst serial killers in America, are finally revealed. In Buckaroo, though, the best way to keep a secret is to make sure you're the only person alive who knows it...

NO MERCY #4 (a: Carla Speed McNeil / w: Alex de Campi): First, a bunch of teens were forced onto a bus. The bus went off a cliff, and then things got worse. What are our hapless teens up to now? Dealing with the fact that things are still getting worse, looks like.

ODDLY NORMAL #8 (w/a: Otis Frampton): Our heroine Oddly descends into the depths of the Earth, crawling down past tree roots and the worms, only to arrive at With her friends? Oh.

OUTCAST #10 (a: Paul Azaceta / w: Robert Kirkman): They say that the ends justify the means, and that sometimes bad deeds can have good results. But what happens if your good deed has bad results? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. In this case, it may be literal.

PUNKS THE COMIC CBLDF SPECIAL (a: Kody Chamberlain / w: Joshua Hale Fialkov): The Comics Code Authority was formed in 1954 to regulate the content of comics by way of draconian and seemingly arbitrary rules. This issue of PUNKS? It breaks all those rules, all to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

SATELLITE SAM #15 (a: Howard Chaykin / w: Matt Fraction): Fraction & Chaykin's tale of sex, culture, and the rise of broadcast television comes to an end. Knowing where the bodies are buried and the sex tapes are locked up can only get you so far. What do you do after the climax?

SEX CRIMINALS #11 (a: Chip Zdarsky / w: Matt Fraction): The sex comedy continues, this time in an issue called "Manime." Think about it.

SUPREME: BLUE ROSE (a: Tula Lotay / w: Warren Ellis): Supreme has a complex history in comics, but Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay crafted a standalone tell that's both beautiful and engaging. Supreme was once a superhero, but that doesn't matter, not now. Reality's gone wrong. We're all going to die, and there is no one to save us.

WE STAND ON GUARD #1 (a: Steve Skroce / w: Brian K. Vaughan): Legendary artist Steve Skroce makes a return to comics alongside Brian K. Vaughan in WE STAND ON GUARD. In the near-ish future, America has invaded Canada. Now, it's time for guerilla warfare in the Great White North.

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, VOL 2: FANDEMONIUM (a: Jamie McKelvie / w: Kieron Gillen): Arc Two of #WicDiv hits trade paperback. It's all going to be okay.

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #12 (a: Kate Brown & Jamie McKelvie / w: Kieron Gillen): Kate Brown is the first artist in the third arc of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE: COMMERCIAL SUICIDE. Each issue features a new artist as part of a continuing story. What happens to those left behind? Well.

ZERO #18 (a: Tula Lotay / w: Ales Kot): In this final issue, Lotay and Kot explore what is inside us that makes us who we are. Is there a difference between the end of a life and the end of the world?