December 31, 1969

New series by Manhattan Projects creator gets 2nd printing

The first issue of SECRET, Jonathan Hickman’s second creator-owned series published by Image Comics this year, has sold out at the distributor level. SECRET #1, which is drawn by Ryan Bodenheim, will be in stores on April 11. The second printing (FEB128171) will be on the shelves the same day as SECRET #2, May 9.

“Well, I couldn’t be happier for Ryan. He’s worked extremely hard on this project, and together we think we’ve delivered an extremely interesting, and timely, tale,” explained Hickman. “That retailers and fans are as excited for the book as we are, only makes the entire experience more rewarding.”

A complex tale of private security firms, government corruption, and conspiracy, SECRET comes out a month after Hickman’s new series with Nick Pitarra THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS sold out of its first issue.

Hickman and Bodenheim previously collaborated on the superhero series RED MASS FOR MARS.