December 31, 1969

Zombie apocalypse series features popular film homage covers and guest artist

ALPHA GIRL creators Jeff Roenning and Jean-Paul Bonjour began their careers as filmmakers, and they’ve brought that love with them to their first foray into comics! Each cover for their violent and raunchy tale of Judith, possibly the world’s last sane woman, fighting her way through the lady apocalypse has been an homage to different iconic movie posters.

ALPHA GIRL #1 – Lolita
ALPHA GIRL #2 – The Graduate (cover A) and La Femme Nikita (cover B)
ALPHA GIRL #3 – Star Wars
ALPHA GIRL #4 brings us something extra special – Enter the Dragon, drawn by super-star tattoo artist Jeff Rassier!

Bonjour, who has a number of tattoos by Rassier, explained: â“Jeff Rassier’s artwork is hands-down amazing. It was a treat to get him to sit in as a special guest artist on issue #4 and recreate the most iconic poster in the martial arts world - Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon.”

For Rassier, drawing the cover was a dream come true. â“I have been a lifelong lover of comic books,” he said. “I collect comic art and put out an underground comic of my own, but to be able to do a cover for Image – of ZOMBIES – greatest job ever! It’s been fun following the creation of ALPHA GIRL; I really dig the story. I can’t wait to see more people chewed and spewed by zombie chicks.â€

Bonjour continued, â“When it was time to come up with cover ideas, being old movie buffs, Jeff Roenning and I both thought it would be great if we could pay homage to some of the classic movie posters of the past, with an ALPHA GIRL slant, of course. It really makes my inner Film Geek happy to see.”

â“I love movies, even more than bacon,” said Roenning. “So doing classic movie posters seemed natural for the covers.â€

ALPHA GIRL #3 (FEB120494), featuring the Star Wars cover, will be on sale in comic stores and digital platforms on June 13. ALPHA GIRL #4 (JUN120535), featuring the Jeff Rassier Enter The Dragon homage cover, is available to order now, and goes on sale August 1. Diego Simone, who colored Rassier’s art for the ALPHA GIRL #4 cover, will be taking over full interior art duties on the title, starting with this issue.