December 31, 1969

Kirkman & Liefeld’s The Infinite #3 to Feature New Variant Cover

Berkeley, CA – 8 September 2011 – THE INFINITE team has once again gotten one of the industry’s most celebrated talents to contribute a gorgeous variant cover to their action-packed science fiction hit. Now Image Comics has announced that next month the third issue of Robert Kirkman and Robert Liefeld’s THE INFINITE will be available with a new J. Scott Campbell cover that stars the characters Em and Dual!

Besides the Campbell cover, a 48 page deluxe edition of THE INFINITE #3 will also be available, featuring mountains of behind the scenes sketches and illustrations by Liefeld and piles of notes and script pages by Kirkman, offering fans a glimpse behind the curtain to see all the usually unseen work that goes into the creation of a comic book.

“Like so many other fans, I absolutely love J. Scott Campbell!” said Liefeld. “He’s one of the most popular and influential artists of the modern age. His cover for THE INFINITE #3 exceeded all expectations. He perfectly captured the dynamic between Emily and Duel, both of whom are integral characters in the saga of THE INFINITE! Don’t miss out on Campbell’s fantastic contribution to THE INFINITE!”

THE INFINITE tells the story of an aging freedom fighter who must travel back in time to team up with his 20-year-old self in order to save the world. In the third issue, Bowen has traveled to the present to attack The Infinite at a time when no one is even aware of their steps toward world domination. But something is not right—they’re too organized, too prepared, and he begins to think he’s underestimated them.

THE INFINITE #3 (AUG110524), a 32-page full-color sci-fi action comic for $2.99, and several limited variant covers including the Campbell variant (JUL118191), two retailer incentive covers, and the $5.99 Deluxe Edition variant (AUG110525), will be on sale in stores October 5.