The Image Eye 9/11

September 13, 2013

Every week, Image publishes a bevy of creator-owned comics that our fans are eager to enjoy and the press is eager to review. We’ve got a round-up of a few reviews that caught our eye this week, plus a few panels we feel are pretty cool or representative of the comics in question, so if you’re on the fence for any of our titles, take a look at this selection of reviews and excerpts and see if anything piques your interest!

CLONE #10 by David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre, Juan Jose Ryp, & Andy Troy
Max Delgado at Unleash the Fanboy called Ryp's art "beautifully textured, richly detailed and incredibly expressive," while Comic Bastards gave the book a perfect 5/5 score.

GHOSTED #3 by Joshua Williamson, Goran Sudzuka, & Miroslav Mrva
Ghosted got a very special nod over on Twitter by famed Goosebumps author and spookster R.L. Stine.

This issue also scored high with reviewers, getting a perfect 5 stars at Comic Vine and a 9/10 at The MacGuffin. Julien Loeper at Comic Booked noted that "Ghosted #3 keeps up with the inherent question of 'do you believe in ghosts?'" and, "The powerful central conceit behind the comic isn’t the story itself, but rather the fundamental questions it asks, and the implication of those questions, even if those questions are rooted in something as trivial as pop-culture."

PROPHET #39 by Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Giannis Milogiannis, Joseph Bergin III, Matt Sheean, Malachi Ward, James Stokoe, Aaron Conley, Lando, Ron Wimberly, with letters by Ed Brisson & cover by Helen Maier
Head on over to the AV Club for the smashing write-up "Prophet #39 is a gorgeous showcase of what indie cartoonists can bring to superheroes." If you need any more convincing, here is the preview for this issue over at Comics Alliance, showcasing snippets of the talented team of artists featured in issue #39.

MANHATTAN PROJECTS #14 by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra, & Jordie Bellaire
The Weekly Crisis called this a must-read, saying "Hickman and Rus Wooton lay out some of my favorite dialog so far and Nick and Jordie Bellaire color up a fun and least gruesome issue so far!" while James Johnston at Multiversity *screams from a distance* "BUY"!

SIDEKICK #2 by J. Michael Straczynski, Tom Mandrake, & HiFi
I wish we could review reviews, because Darrell at Geek-IO should get an award for his scoring of Sidekick: "All things considered I give this book four Winnebagos in the desert cooking Meth while Malcolm's Dad stands around in his underpants with cancer."

THE WALKING DEAD #114 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, & Cliff Rathburn
WINK. The good people at IGN thought issue #114 was "GREAT", where Jesse Schedeen comments, "Walking Dead wraps up its current storyline with a bang and sets the stage nicely for All-Out War."