Geiger Webskin

THE DREAM MERCHANT a sleeper hit this July

June 24, 2015

The fantasy series will be collected into trade paperback

The hit fantasy series THE DREAM MERCHANT by Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?) with art by Konstantine Novosadov, Anthony Hope-Smith, and Stefano Simeone will be collected into trade paperback and available this July.

THE DREAM MERCHANT follows Winslow, a troubled boy with a recurring dream. When mysterious alien figures show up to literally dissolve the memories out of Winslow’s mind, Winslow realizes that his dream may be the most important memory in the world, and one that has been wiped from the collective minds of everyone on Earth.

THE DREAM MERCHANT (ISBN: 978-1-63215-436-1) hits comic book stores on July 22 and bookstores on August 4, and will be available for $15.99. It can be ordered by retailers from Diamond Book Distributors with Diamond Code MAY150535.

Select praise for DREAM MERCHANT:

“Go read The Dream Merchant. That's the recommend. ” —Entertainment Fuse

“Edmondson and Novosadov have great chemistry.” —Comicosity

“A pleasant addition to Winslow's story is Anne, the girl who works at his mental hospital. The second you start to wonder why she's behaving the way she is, Edmondson craftily reveals that there's more to her than meets the eye. After that scene, I knew I liked this book for sure because the characters were worth getting invested in.” —IGN