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December 31, 1969

David Hine & Shaky Kane’s Metafictional Miniseries Returns in January

Berkeley, CA – 6 December 2011—Reading BULLETPROOF COFFIN is like unearthing a dusty old box of rare single issues from the back of a deceased shut-in’s closet. You find one treasure after another—strange stories never before seen, covers that are so ridiculous they’re unbelievable, and collaborations you never knew existed of favorite creators.

This January, writer David Hine and artist Shaky Kane are back at Image Comics with a second miniseries that will evoke that feeling of discovery all over again with BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED. Fans of Alan Moore’s comic series 1963, as well as the films of David Cronenberg and David Lynch, are all likely to be hooked in by this undeniably bizarre, postmodern comic book.

“Shaky and I have known each other for years, and we always talked about the kind of comics we would want to read if only someone was producing them,†explained Hine. â“In the end it dawned on us that the best solution was to write and draw them ourselves. The result is THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN and we think it’s a damned fine comic.â€

“As an artist, this book’s been something of a personal triumph,” added Kane. “I’ve always tried to put into my work something of what first made me so captivated by comic books. With David handling the script, THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN is undeniably 21st century.”

The duo’s first metafictional BULLETPROOF COFFIN miniseries was a cult hit, named one of the best trade paperback collections of 2011 by Graphic Novel Reporter. Alex Boney of The Comics Journal called it “one of most puzzling and unique books I’ve read this year,” and Scott Cederlund of Newsarama called it “a paean to almost every evil and every mind-warping scenario that Dr. Wertham warned us about in Seduction of the Innocent back in the 1950s.”

With six stand-alone issues that can be read in any order, Hine and Kane have included plenty of loops and side roads in BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED’s non-linear plot, and invite their readers to make any story connections they want. Though the second series doesn’t follow directly from the close of the first, there are plenty of tantalizing links to THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN, VOL. 1 TP.

The first issue of the new series, titled â“KILLER INSIDE,” reveals the origin of the Shield of Justice. When headless corpses start to appear on the first night of the full moon, ace detective Johnny P. Sartre smells a rat…

THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED #1 (NOV110363), a 32-page full-color comic book for $3.99, will be on sale in stores and on digital platforms on January 25. THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN, VOL. 1 TP (NOV110364, ISBN: 978-1-60706-368-1), a 200-page full-color trade paperback for $17.99, is on sale now and available for retailers to reorder.

To learn more about THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN comic, visit http://waitingfortrade.blogspot.com/.