THE AUTUMNLANDS: TOOTH & CLAW, VOL. 1 arrives this July

June 8, 2015

The first six issues of sword, sorcery, and talking fauna will be collected into trade paperback

Writer Kurt Busiek (ASTRO CITY, Marvels) and artist Benjamin Dewey (Tragedy Series, Star Wars) build a vibrant, layered fantasy series in THE AUTUMNLANDS: TOOTH & CLAW. The first six issues of the series will be collected into a trade paperback and available this June.

THE AUTUMNLANDS: TOOTH & CLAW, VOL. 1 is Conan meets Game of Thrones with a splash of Kamandi. An original high-fantasy epic for mature readers, THE AUTUMNLANDS begins with a secret conclave of wizards as they summon a legendary champion back through time in an effort to save the world. But instead, their efforts are met with disastrous consequences.

THE AUTUMNLANDS: TOOTH & CLAW, VOL. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-63215-277-0) hits comic book stores on July 1 and bookstores on July 14, and will be available for $9.99. It can be ordered by retailers from Diamond Book Distributors with Diamond Code APR150573.

More praise for THE AUTUMNLANDS:

“An ambitious and entertaining story in grand fashion.” —Comicosity

“Each panel is worth the cover price all by itself.” —Comic Book Resources

“I use no hyperbole when I say this may be the comic of the year, and have no doubts about giving it a perfect score.” —Newsarama

“Fantasy lovers rejoice, for we can now add Tooth & Claw to our growing collection of comics in our favorite genre. Once this is collected I will be sure to set it immediately beside my Mouse Guard hardcovers, and Rat Queenspaperbacks.” —Word of the Nerd