SPAWN creator Todd McFarlane's SAVIOR launches to critical acclaim

April 17, 2015

“Great art, great characterization and a unique enough twist on the millennia-old notion of a character who can seemingly perform miracles.” —Comic Book Resources

SAVIOR by Todd McFarlane—one of the biggest names in comics—teams up with co-writer Brian Holguin (SPAWN, Mr. Majestic) and artist Clayton Crain (X-Force) for the new series SAVIOR, which launched to critical acclaim and fan enthusiasm. Comic Book Resources said of the new series, “McFarlane and Holguin introduce an intriguing central character as well as some interesting supporting ones.” This series is sure to be a new favorite for McFarlane fans and new readers alike.

In SAVIOR, a tragic airplane crash has killed hundreds. Why? And because of the massive catastrophe, a small town braces itself for the onslaught of news media invading their city. But the biggest mystery may be the man who randomly walked out of the corn fields following the crash. Who is he? Where did he come from? And why can’t he remember if he was a passenger on that fatal plane? But this much is clear—this individual possesses certain powers, abilities that harken from the Old Testament... Could he possibly be this corrupted world's SAVIOR in the flesh? Or will he be the world's undoing?

Praise for SAVIOR:

“Clayton Crain absolutely nails the ending of Savior #1 with a scene that made me feel like I was there. It's a powerful finale that shows just how the savior comes to be, while at the same time leaves unanswered questions in the minds of the reader. Savior left me guessing and it's supposed to.” —Comic Spectrum

“The art is pretty great. Did I mention that this is a gorgeous book?There are two things that really sell this story… The first is clearly the art, which should be easily discernible the second you open the book. The second part is that this is a story McFarlane and Holguin appear to be crafting carefully, which is something I can appreciate.” —Rhymes with Geek

“Everything just came together for this first issue. We get bits and pieces but nothing is forgotten. Savior has some great art and with some great plot building. I think Savior is here to stay and can't wait for you guys to pick it up.” —Comic Bastards

SAVIOR #2 hits shelves on May 13 and can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code MAR150592.

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