December 31, 1969

Joe Casey & Nathan Fox Take On Haunt At Issue #19

Berkeley, CA – 21 November 2011—When Joe Casey (BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER and GODLAND) and Nathan Fox (BLUE ESTATE, Florescent Black, and Pigeons From Hell) threaten to shake things up, it turns out that they unleash a category 5 tornado of shockingly visceral, brutally unpredictable comics. While Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman’s HAUNT series was never meant for the faint of heart, come issue #19, things get a whole lot nastier!

“It’s time to scare the **** out of people,” said Casey. “That’s our mandate on HAUNT, and Nathan and I are taking full advantage. Trust me on this… when you read this book, have clean underwear on hand.”

Casey’s uniquely twisted storytelling voice and Fox’s dark, gritty, and gestural brushwork are taking hold of the characters and world that Kirkman and McFarlane initially populated and fleshed out, and transforming them. The arrival of HAUNT #19 was pushed back a few weeks to give time for the preceding issues’ release, but now the new team’s debut issue is set to arrive in stores on November 30th, and their over-the-top new direction promises to be well worth the wait!

As the final release date for HAUNT #19 creeps closer, McFarlane, who is still involved in this unique multiple genre series in an editorial role, expects the response from comics and horror fans to be overwhelmingly positive.

“HAUNT is getting darker, more down and dirty,” McFarlane explained. “If you’ve read some of Joe’s previous work, I think you know just how far this guy will go. And I think people are in for a real treat with Nathan’s art. It’s very different from my own style, much looser, but it displays a great confidence in brush stroke that evokes just the right dark mood and emotions.”

“We’re doing some pretty insane **** and redefining a whole new direction in the series,” added Fox. “I’m having a blast with Joe’s scripts as we toss Daniel and Kurt off a cliff with no real life support, new foes, and new characters. No one can be trusted, and HAUNT has no idea what he’s in for. The evolution of this thing is going to be pretty insane on a monthly basis. So stay tuned for the nightmare! It’s well under way.”

HAUNT began with a story of two brothers, one a priest and one a dangerous secret agent. When one brother is murdered, his spirit becomes bound to Earth. He continues to hover around his brother, speaking to him… haunting him. A sudden trauma leads the surviving brother to discover that he can temporarily join with his deceased brother’s spirit to become something else… HAUNT.

There are two previously collected volumes of HAUNT, with more issues available monthly. HAUNT #19 (JUL110423), a 32-page full-color horror comic book for $2.99, will be on sale in stores on November 30.