August 29, 2013

This September, Matt Fraction (SATELLITE SAM, CASANOVA) and Chip Zdarsky (Prison Funnies) are bringing something to comics that's all-too rare: sex comedies.

In SEX CRIMINALS, young Suzie is in the throes of puberty and very confused. You see, when she has an orgasm, time stops for everyone but her. Colors bleed, time shifts, and everything becomes amazing...but is it normal? What the heck do you do when you find out that sex isn't even remotely like you thought it was? How do you deal with time stopping on top of the usual terrifying changes puberty brings with it? Easy: you have some fun and rob banks.

SEX CRIMINALS isn't hard-boiled, grim, or gritty. It's the uplifting story of Suzie and Jon, a boy with the same power as Suzie, as they have fun with each other and during the time stoppages. It's a sex comedy in the vein of your favorite '80s and '90s movies—a little raunchy, but not explicit. Think American Pie, not sexploitation.

Fraction and Zdarsky recently took part in a conference call with the press in the run-up to the release of the first issue on September 25. Check out the coverage on ComicsAlliance, Newsarama, Comic Vine, and The Beat. If that's not enough to turn you on, check out The Nerdist, LA Times Hero Complex, and the New York Post for more SEX CRIMINALS goodies from Fraction and Zdarsky.

SEX CRIMINALS #1 hits September 25 and can be preordered now (Diamond Code JUL130403).