December 31, 1969

Kirkman & Liefeld’s New Sci-Fi Epic Returns to Press To Satisfy Demand of Fans

CA – 8 August 2011 – It shouldn’t be a surprise that a collaboration
between two well-known creative powerhouses like Robert Kirkman, Image
Comics COO and creator of THE WALKING DEAD and INVINCIBLE, and Rob
Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, Cable and YOUNGBLOOD, would be popular
with comic book retailers, reviewers and readers alike. Both creators
have droves of fans, but the combination of the two of them has produced
a sure-fire hit with THE INFINITE! In fact, despite a very generous
overprint, the first issue of THE INFINITE has already sold out at
distribution level and is being send back to press.

to hear that everyone is enjoying THE INFINITE!” exclaimed Liefeld.
“When Robert and I started this adventure more than a year ago, we were
determined to build a bold, new world with compelling characters that
the fans would grow to care about in the same way they have with
Robert’s seminal works, THE WALKING DEAD and INVINCIBLE. A new printing
is on the way so that as many fans as possible can continue to follow
the story of THE INFINITE! And with several issues in the can, I can say
with 100% certainty that the best is yet to come!”

been a fan of Rob’s work since I first encountered it with X-Force #1,
working with him to create something NEW in comics has definitely been a
high note in my career,” added Kirkman. “To see that fans are enjoying
THE INFINITE as much as we are making it is extremely gratifying,
especially because Rob and I know the best is yet to come!”

first issue of THE INFINITE begins the story of Bowen, a freedom
fighter who has lost everything to war. His only hope of saving the
world is to travel back in time to prevent world domination before it
starts. Bowen knows he can’t do this alone, so he decides he must turn
to the only ally he knows he can trust: himself! Now Bowen, a man in his
40s, damaged by the horrors of war, and his younger, reckless, and
optimistic self will attempt to save the world!

INFINITE #1 BLANK Variant Cover are still available for reorder now.
A second printing of THE INFINITE #1 (JUN118041), a 32-page full-color
sci-fi action comic for $2.99, is available for order and will be back
in stores on September 14. THE INFINITE #2 (JUL110528), featuring
several limited variant covers, will also be on sale in stores the same
day and is available to order now in the September issue of Previews.