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December 31, 1969

The Adventures of Everyone’s Favorite Bear-Riding Cowboy Collected in Trade Paperback

Berkeley, CA – 4 October 2011 – The wild west adventures of Reed Gunther, Sterling, Starla, and all of Shane and Chris Houghton’s colorful characters will be gathered together into their first trade paperback from Image Comics this November with the arrival of Shane and Chris Houghton’s REED GUNTHER, VOL. 1 TP. This colorful collection of excitement, friendship, and adventure is guaranteed to be fun for folks of all ages!

“This is a big collection of excitement, adventure, and goofy bear-riding cowboy fun.” said writer Shane Houghton. “Not only is it jam-packed with some wild and crazy monsters, but is also balanced with heart-felt stories of friendship, loss, and responsibility.”

“This is one fine-lookin’ collection,” added artist Chris Houghton. “If you haven’t read REED GUNTHER yet and are looking to find a fun and fresh new series, this book is a great place to start. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my unbelievably cool job: drawing a dim-witted cowboy who rides a grizzly bear.”

Scores of comics industry professionals have been won over by REED GUNTHER’s many charms, leading to the inclusion of some incredible extra material, such as pin-ups by the likes of Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Robb Mommaerts (Shrek), and Guy Davis (Nevermen, B.P.R.D., Judge Dredd). The collection also features a foreward written by Davis, in which he explained the appeal of REED GUNTHER: “Aside from having monsters in it (and I do love monster tales), the book, at the heart of it, is just plain fun!”

Some of REED GUNTHER’s other rave reviews and recommendations from websites have included these words of praise:

“About the only thing more ‘made for comics’ than cowboys on bare-bearback is gorillas riding dinosaurs.” Doug Zawisza, CBR

“As all ages comics go, they don’t get much better than this. REED GUNTHER is always entertaining and relentlessly fun… There is nothing not to love about a cowboy that rides a bear, Nuff Said!” Niall Doonan, Comic Buzz

“With the bulk of popular comics being stories about costumed heroes punching each other, it’s nice to have a well-written story about a silly cowboy and his trusty bear named Sterling.” Joshua Yehl, Broken Frontier

”...one of the most fun and imaginative new books out from Image Comics these days.” Josh Flanagan, iFanboy

In REED GUNTHER, VOL. 1 TP, our hero Reed Gunther and his trusty grizzly bear steed will bumble their way through the wild west, fighting giant snakes, hoards of mole creatures, a resurrected John Henry zombie, freak show freaks, special government agents, and all sorts of wild monsters created by an ancient mysterious idol!

REED GUNTHER, VOL. 1 TP (SEP110428, ISBN: 978-1-60706-462-6), 184-page full-color all-ages western comedy adventure for $14.99, will come galloping full speed into a store near you on November 9. For more information on Reed Gunther, Sterling, and all their unruly friends and foes, visit www.reedgunther.com.