December 31, 1969

This April, the critically acclaimed Image Comics seriesHOAX HUNTERSpresents a fun and unique issue that can be readily enjoyed by both current readers and new fans. Riffing on the hook of the series, where a group of â“myth-busters†travel the world dispelling various lore on their reality TV show, issue #9 of HOAX HUNTERS presents both sides of their story. One half shows what happened on-air, what you’d see if you watched an episode; the other shows what happened behind the scenes, how the HOAX HUNTERS team manipulated everything-in this case, a haunted house confrontation-that happened to make it appear to be fake.

â“With issue #9 and the use of the flip book feature, we allowed ourselves a dynamic and uncharacteristic way to show what happens in front of and behind the camera to super fun effect,†saidSteve Seeley, co-writer.

The issue will literally have two opposing halves and thus two covers, each fromJoe Eisma(MORNING GLORIES). Readers will be able to check out one half of the story then flip the comic over for the other half.Brent Schoonover(MR. MURDER IS DEAD) fills in as guest artist for this special issue.

â“This is, to me, a great representation of everything that Hoax Hunters is about-fun, inventive, and willing to take risks,â” said co-writerMichael Moreci.

HOAX HUNTERS has met with critical praise since its launch:

â“Fresh, exciting, and delightfully bizarreâ€-Ain’t It Cool News
â“10 of 10â€-Newsarama
â“Out of all the new comics that debuted this year, none of them captured my imagination like Hoax Hunters.”-Horror Talk
â“A comic on the verge of greatnessâ€-Read Comic Books
â“A-â”-Weekly Comic Review
â“Worth the cover price each and every monthâ€-IGN

HOAX HUNTERS #9 will be in stores April 17 (Diamond CodeFEB130447) and is available now for preorder. Readers who want to learn more can visit www.hoaxhunterscomic.blogspot.com.