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December 31, 1969

Acclaimed Cartoonist Paul Grist Brings New Superhero to Image Comics in Mudman

CA—11 August 2011—After self-publishing for much of the ‘90s,
Paul Grist brought two critically acclaimed original titles to Image
Comics in 2002: the crime drama KANE and then the eclectic superhero
series JACK STAFF. Recently, Grist has been using his sparse, signature
style to develop a new superhero that will be introduced to the world
this November with the debut of MUDMAN.

is my ‘Back to Basics’ superhero comic,” explained Grist. “It’s not
about alien menaces or cosmic powers (though they may pop up once in a
while); it’s all about growing up and finding your way in the world, and
how the decisions that you make can affect others. In a way, it’s
probably the most autobiographical comic I’ve ever done. But with added

has been one of my favorite creators since writer Robert Loren Fleming
turned me onto KANE back in the ‘90s,” said Image Comics Publisher Eric
Stephenson. “His style looks deceptively simple, but he’s a master of
his craft, capable of some of the cleverest storytelling in comics. It’s
a big thrill for me that Paul’s part of Image, and I can’t wait to see
what he does with MUDMAN. “

MUDMAN #1, the new school year is just beginning, and it isn’t starting
off well for teenager Owen Craig. His day just keeps going from bad to
worse: He gets run over, he gets detention, and then he learns his
father has actually been taken hostage by armed bank robbers. But that’s
only the beginning of his problems. Now his body appears to be turning
into mud!