December 31, 1969

Joe Casey & Nathan Fox to Lead McFarlane’s HAUNT in a Darker New Direction

CA – 14 June 2011 – A few days ago, USAToday announced that beginning
with the 19th issue of HAUNT, Robert Kirkman and Greg Capullo will pass
the torch to respected comics veterans Joe Casey (BUTCHER BAKER, THE
RIGHTEOUS MAKER and GODLAND) and Nathan Fox (BLUE ESTATE, Florescent
Black, and Pigeons From Hell). The pair, who previously collaborated on
Marvel’s Dark Reign: Zodiac, are prepared to take Todd McFarlane’s HAUNT
into even darker territory.

“Haunt is a great character and in
the series Daniel and Kurt are really just getting started in the HAUNT
legacy and folklore when Joe and I pick up in issue #19,” said Fox.
“Artistically, I’m beyond excited to transition from where the creative
team leaves off in issue #18 and then completely push HAUNT and the
series to new extremes. Joe’s scripts and vision of where we’re headed
is pretty rad to say the least, so for me, it is going to be an
inspiring and happily busy monthly pace. Stay Tuned!”

like this—to take over an existing property so early in
its existence—don’t come around too often, and we’re going to take
full advantage,” explained Casey. “Todd and Robert created some great
characters in the Kilgore brothers and Nathan and I are locked and
loaded to put them through hell. So let the game

s begin…!”

legend and Image Comics founder, McFarlane (SPAWN), who co-created the
HAUNT series and will continue to play an editorial role, is confident
that the new creative team are more than equal to the task of scaring up
some fantastic new storytelling for the series.

“Filling the
shoes of Robert Kirkman and Greg Capullo is a hard task, but I feel very
fortunate that the new team coming on will keep the book flying
high,” McFarlane commented. “I see it going down the pathway of the
original Spawn book. Haunt is not going away. It’s the second monthly
book I’ve put out of my company in 20 years that I intend on seeing all
the way through to the end.”

began with a story of two brothers, Daniel Kilgore, a priest, and Kurt
Kilgore, a dangerous secret agent. When Kurt was murdered, his spirit
did not leave the mortal world as it should have, but continued to hover
around his brother, speaking to him… haunting him. When Daniel
himself was attacked, the sudden trauma led him to discover that his
recently deceased brother could join with him to become something else…

There are two previously collected volumes of HAUNT, with
more issues available monthly. HAUNT #19 (JUL110423), a 32-page
full-color horror comic book for $2.99, is available for order in the
July edition of the Diamond Previews catalog, and will be in a comic
store near you in September.