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December 31, 1969

Keatinge & Campbell Revive Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Warrior in Glory #23

Berkeley, CA – 16 December 2011 – GLORY is back! Circling the globe, punching Nazi tanks, and saving the human race are all in a day’s work for this super heroine. Come February, she’ll deliver a spinning kick to the face of the new millennium!

This superhero saga for a new generation begins with GLORY #23, which will be written by Eisner & Harvey-award winner Joe Keatinge and illustrated by the creator of Wet Moon and Shadoweyes, Ross Campbell. Fans of Alan Moore’s Promethea and Jim Starlin’s Captain Marvel will love this smart and visceral new ongoing series.

“GLORY is a bold new vision of Extreme’s premiere heroine! Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell have held back nothing in crafting a massive epic that is equal parts fantasy, sci-fi and superhero saga.” said Liefeld. “The artwork is a mashup as well, it looks like beautiful manga combined with euro-style artists such as Moebius and the detail of Geof Darrow. I told Ross that I refer to his art as ‘Euro-manga.’ It’s bloody and violent, which reflects the tone of the story Keatinge is telling. It’s brilliant; I love it.”

In issue #23, Keatinge and Campbell begin to set up Glory’s future by expanding on her past in a way that promises to shock long-time fans and excite all-new readers. After the war between both her mother’s god-like race and father’s demon-like race, Glory has found herself on the winning side. However, Glory still has some scores to settle, and this time she’s doing it her way!

“Our take on GLORY is definitely looking toward the future,” explained Keatinge. “While I don’t want to negate continuity, I think it’s an equally bad idea to get bogged down by it. All in all, if you have never even heard of GLORY before, we created this series with you in mind. The first issue gives you everything you need to know about her. The second and third issues expand on it and set up our entire run.”

“Obviously, my art style is very different from Rob’s original style,” added Campbell. “But that was the plan all along with this relaunch, to revive her in a new style. Rob has been so generous with letting us take on his characters, that we’re putting a lot of ourselves into this work. Joe and I have already become really invested in the future of GLORY.”

GLORY #23 (Campbell Cover A: DEC110469; Rob Liefeld Cover B: DEC110470), a 32-page full-color superhero comic book for $2.99, will be on sale in stores and digital platforms on February 15 and is available for order now.