GENESIS Will Take You on A Journey of Creation and Destruction

January 21, 2014

GENESIS, a new graphic novella from Image Comics by Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS, The Punisher, Black Widow) and new comic book artist Alison Sampson (OUTLAW TERRITORY), pairs sweeping visuals with poignant writing in a story that cannot be missed.

GENESIS is a trippy journey of creation and destruction as one man finds himself with the ability to manifest anything by thinking it—only to learn that with seemingly unlimited power comes unstoppable terror.

"Genesis was a fun opportunity to let storytelling and art run wild with the idea of creativity itself—of the boundlessness of imagination and the inevitable vertigo that comes from the unlimited ability to manifest anything into being," said writer Edmondson.

Artist Sampson has a twenty-five year background in architecture that she draws on for her art, using the structure of the page and settings to set a tone as much as characters’ expressions. “I think communicating emotion is the most important thing in comics,” she said in an interview with Comics Bulletin. “Layouts were drawn at print size so I could think about the looks on people's faces and lay down some structure to the page, and I drew as much as I could from life. The backgrounds are entirely made up, trying to express the story, in form, light, framing and in ink. I think landscape and architecture can be expressive and useful in storytelling.”

GENESIS arrives in comic book stores on April 16 and bookstores on April 29. At 56 pages and only $6.99, it is the perfect introduction to graphic novels for lovers of surreal and magical literature, and a treat for longtime comics readers as well. It is available for pre-order now.

GENESIS by Nathan Edmondson and Alison Sampson

  • ISBN 978-1-60706-995-9
  • 56 pages, full color, paperback
  • $6.99
  • In comic book stores April 16, bookstores April 29
  • Available for pre-order now - Diamond code FEB140504

Advance Praise for GENESIS
“I am in awe of Alison Sampson’s surrealist architecture. I could stare for hours.”
- Kelly Sue DeConnick (PRETTY DEADLY, Captain Marvel)