December 31, 1969

Hickman One-Shot Delayed

CA – 12 October 2011—Jonathan Hickman’s FEEL BETTER NOW, originally
solicited as a $3.99, 40-page one-shot is being delayed and retooled for
a 2012 release as an original graphic novel.

regret to inform everyone that FEEL BETTER NOW will not be shipping on
schedule,” said Hickman. “Unfortunately, during the course of creating
this story, it got bigger. Far beyond the 40 pages we had allocated for
the book, and, as a result, I have decided to give the story the scope I
feel it deserves.

now, we think the best thing to do is pull it from Diamond and
re-solicit the book at a later date when we can firm up the final price
point, page count and delivery date. I apologize for the inconvenience,
but sometimes these things take on a life of their own and FEEL BETTER
NOW is a story that deserves a full canvas.”

is one of those cases where the material really will benefit from a
little more time,” explained Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson.
“Simply put, we could have put the book out as planned, but Jonathan
wouldn’t have been satisfied with it. He knew there was more story to
mine here and felt the best way to do that was to expand upon it.
Instead of just shipping the book late, everyone involved felt the best
way forward was to give Jonathan as much time as he needed to tell the
story he wants to tell and re-solicit when it

‘s ready. I think anyone
familiar with Jonathan’s understands it will be worth the wait.”

added: “I would also like to note that THE NIGHTLY NEWS ANNIVERSARY
EDITION HC and THE RED WING TP will still ship as scheduled, and that
work has already begun on next year’s ongoing series SECRET and THE
MANHATTAN PROJECTS. Both myself and Image Comics are extremely excited
regarding our plans for the next 12 months.”

300-page full-color hardcover graphic novel for $34.99, will be on sale
in stores November 16. THE RED WING TP (OCT110470), a 140-page
full-color trade paperback for $14.99, will be on sale in stores
December 14.