December 31, 1969

PROPHET #23 and GLORY #24 sell out, go back to press

Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios titles PROPHET and GLORY were two of the mainstays of the nascent Image Comics; now, twenty years later, they’re proving their mettle in a new generation with re-imagined relaunches by prominent independent comics creators.

The latest issues - PROPHET #23 and GLORY #24 - have sold out, prompting second printings for both. Both titles have sold out of their issues three months in a row. GLORY #24’s second printing will be in stores on April 11 and PROPHET #23’s will be out the following week, April 18. PROPHET #23 was in stores today, March 21, and GLORY #24 went on sale on March 14.

Critics have praised both titles’ creative teams for their new vision of the Extreme titles, part of a relaunch campaign that also includes YOUNGBLOOD, BLOODSTRIKE, and SUPREME.

Brandon Graham (KING CITY) and Simon Roy place John Prophet in an uncanny landscape of a future Earth, fighting his way through bizarre predators and navigating even more bizarre cultures to awaken the G.O.D. Satellite. In a review at The Comics Journal‘s Charles Hatfield wrote, “Writer Graham, cartoonist Roy, and colorist Ballermann work together to conjure a lurid, gushing world, one that calls for gooseflesh and cold sweat.”

Glory becomes a broad-muscled, towering warrior in the hands of Joe Keatinge (HELL YEAH) and Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, Shadoweyes), living once again among humans after a long absence. In a review at Comic Book Resources, Kelly Thompson called the new GLORY “some of the most innovative and ballsy work comics has seen for a long time. This is a re-launch, people.”

Both titles are ongoing, full color comic books, available in comic book stores and from multiple digital platforms.