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December 31, 1969

Moriarty Gets Collected in September

CA - 11 August 2011 - MORIARTY is an exciting new science fiction
adventure series from Image Comics that follows the misdeeds of the
original supervillain, Professor James Moriarty, arch nemesis of
Sherlock Holmes. From the grimy streets of London to the haunting
British countryside, underground lairs and superscience labs, Professor
Moriarty must forge has way through a world without Sherlock.

September, Image Comics proudly presents the first trade paperback
volume of MORIARTY, entitled MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER, collecting the
first four super-sized issues of the series. MORIARTY is written by
Daniel Corey (PROPHET), with art by Anthony Diecidue (Stan Lee’s TIME
JUMPER), colors by Perry Freeze and letters and design by Dave Lanphear.

is 20 years after the death of Sherlock Holmes, and Professor James
Moriarty is a lost man. MI5 blackmails Moriarty into finding Holmes’
long-lost brother, Mycroft, but what at first appears to be a routine
case leads to a web of intrigue that involves a psychic box and its
creator, a woman from Moriarty’s past, as well as a new villain that
threatens to be greater than Moriarty ever was! See how Moriarty deals
with love, loss, war and death rays in the critically acclaimed Image
Comics series MORIARTY.

Here’s what reviewers and influential comic creators are saying about MORIARTY:

is a book that should be mentioned in the same breath as THE WALKING
DEAD, CHEW and HACK/SLASH when it comes to the best comics coming out of
—Horror Haven Reviews

“I love MORIARTY. Most of all, I loved how in a world without Holmes, that it’s only in the mystery, the unanswered questions, that life for Sherlock’s arch enemy can begin again. Insightful, exciting and cool - with gritty, atmospheric art to match.” -- Jim Krueger (EARTH X, JUSTICE, FOOTSOLDIERS)

“MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER is irresistible. Professor James Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ arch-nemesis, drawn from retirement and off on his own death-defying adventure? It’s one of those simple, perfect ideas you kick yourself for not thinking of first, and Corey and Diecidue carry it off in fine style.” -- Scott Tipton (ILLYRIA: HAUNTED, STAR TREK: INFESTATION)

“Even with characters that lead a pretty sad existence, there is a drive for something greater or at least a sense of discovery. It moves the piece along at a thrilling pace that respects, but expands upon Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s fiction in a way that is thrilling and smart.”—The Daily Blam!

“Corey spins a wonderful world of conspiracy, despair, and even science fiction.” -- IGN

”...this is a perfect example of a great collaboration of story and artist.” -- Newsarama

”[MORIARTY] takes an intriguing look at that relationship between good and evil.” -- USA Today

”...this is a damn good comic book.” -- Bloody-Disgusting.com

MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER, VOL. 1 TP, a 128-page full-color paperback, will be on sale in stores September 14th for $14.99 and is available to order in the July 2011 edition of Diamond Previews (JUL110470, ISBN: 978-1-60706-450-3). For more information, please visit www.professorjamesmoriarty.com and www.facebook.com/daniel.corey.