December 31, 1969

DANCER, a new thriller from Image Comics in May

Alan Fisher lies about his past. He has to. But in DANCER, a new Image Comics series debuting in May, he must confront his past - in a form that has a very familiar face. Unwittingly pulled into the danger of Alan’s life, is Quinn, a ballerina. Quinn is used to the pain and discipline behind the graceful movement of her dancing, but how will she deal with a life on the run? And will Alan be able to keep them both safe from the most formidable opponent he has ever faced?

Writer Nathan Edmondson (OLYMPUS, WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?) weaves a dark tale of intrigue and pursuit and artist Nic Klein (VIKING) creates a mood of foreboding as Alan and Quinn flee their pursuer through the heavily shadowed streets of Milan.

“Nic and I have sought to evoke the feel and vibe of the classic spy feature—like The Man Who Came in from the Cold or The Conversation, and tie that into a modern-day thriller comic,” said Edmondson. “So DANCER has a spiraling, complex darkness in it punctuated with all the firepower of a high-octane thriller.

“We wanted to offer a book unlike anything we could find on the bookshelves,” Edmondson continued, and the character of Quinn is at the heart of that difference. “At the crux of it all is a vibrant, strong-willed ballerina. She ads a visual and psychological motif to the story and it is through her that we can understand the lead characters in this story.”

DANCER #1 (MAR120410) is a full-color 32-page comic for $3.50 available for preorder in the March issue of Previews. It will be in comic book stores and digital platforms on May 16. A four-page preview of DANCER #1 ran in USA Today on January 19.