Critics Say TEN GRAND is Worth Every Penny

November 27, 2013

The first story arc in a series about a man who would move Heaven and Hell to see his wife again

In Joe Fitzgerald’s world, mobsters are nothing compared to demons. In TEN GRAND, VOL. 1, created by J. Michael Straczynski (SIDEKICK, PROTECTORS, INC.), Ben Templesmith (FELL, 30 Days of Night) and CP Smith (Wolverine, Jonah Hex), a former mob enforcer, Joe, dabbles in demonology and soon finds himself caught in the middle of a struggle between the forces of light and dark with the fate of the world resting on his shoulders.

A twist on the classic Miltonian tale of Heaven and Hell at war with one another, TEN GRAND, VOL. 1 collects issues 1-6 of the series and provides fans with the first story arc just in time to jump in on the second half of the adventure starting with issue #7 in January.

Praise for TEN GRAND:
"I feel like this is a comic that I'm into for the long haul. Ten Grand is definitely one of the big debuts for 2013.” --Greg McElhatton, Comic Book Resources

“This book is something unusual, but in a good way. If you separated the art from the writing you probably wouldn't think they go together at all, but after reading through the first issue I don't think you could've found a more perfect match.” --J.R. Johnson, IGN

“Straczynski and Templesmith have proven to be a perfect match for a series like this one, and readers should expect great things from the upcoming installments.” --Shadow Jayd, Bloody Disgusting

“The series calls to mind Constantine and Dante and every great revenge story I've ever encountered. Ten Grand is mysterious and familiar at the same time, and the beautifully painted pages charge the narrative with emotion. I'm anxious to see where the story takes us.” --Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian, Comic Vine

“Ben Templesmith's unique style of art brings the story to light in horrific and exquisite detail.” --Edward Kaye, Newsarama
“Ten Grand is shaping up into something interesting.” --Michelle White, Multiversity Comics

TEN GRAND, VOL. 1 is a dark and epic tale of one man’s journey to Hell and back and arrives in stores on 1/15 and is available for $12.99.

Final orders are due from retailers on 12/2. TEN GRAND, VOL. 1 TP can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code SEP130560.