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December 31, 1969

Ross & Edward’s Gorgeous Oversized Hardcover Includes Lots of Extras

Berkeley, CA – 15 June 2011 – The flappers, mobsters, vampires and aliens of Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards’ comic book masterpiece will soon all be bound together in one beautiful hardcover TURF collection. Readers will get their hands on this completely out-of-this-world book next month, and the creators have thrown in plenty of extras for fans to look forward to.

Besides the entire run of the critically acclaimed and distinctive story of TURF (issues #1-5), this tome’s generous extras begin with a thoughtful introduction by writer Mark Millar (Kick-Ass), as well as concept art and behind-the-scenes process photos. Not only that, but this all-inclusive hardcover edition contains one of the most impressive displays of comics prowess today, with a gallery of pin-ups and covers by comics legends such as Jim Steranko, William Stout, Michael Kaluta, Dave Gibbons and Duncan Fegredo.

“I feel very privileged to have my work collected in such a manner,†said Edwards. â“TURF is such a dense character driven story, and I’m glad that people will get the chance to digest it all in one beautifully designed volume. Plus, I selfishly enjoy seeing the art oversized like this.”

Not only have some of the best artists in comics contributed their work to the series, TURF has garnered the respect and appreciation of some of the industry’s most critically acclaimed creators.

“TURF is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A magnificent 5-course meal served in a single platter. Ruthless Gangsters, Leaping Vampires, Biomechanical Aliens all converge in a Turf war of Cosmic scope. It’s not surprising to see a multicultural collision like this come out of Mr. Ross and Mr. Edwards’ brains, what is shocking is that it works so well. Fast-paced, efficiently told and quite addictive!!” – Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth)

“Before it came out, I think most of us had TURF pegged as a novelty. After all, Jonathan Ross is famous for many things, but writing comics isn’t one of them. We were wrong. It’s an audacious story excellently told that makes the most of the comics medium - in this case the art of Tommy Lee Edwards, a man up to the demands of gangster-vampire-alien-what-the-hell that Ross’s tale demands. Jonathan Ross is not a novelty act at all. He’s here to stay.” — Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Good Omens)

In TURF, everyone is vying to stake their claim on a younger New York in the blinding glitz and grit of the 1920’s. From the newly immigrated vampiric Dragonmir family, a wise guy named Eddie Falco, a stranded space-alien known as Squeed, and a determined young reporter named Susie, TURF’s ensemble cast are unexpectedly tangled together. By way of unlikely alliances, corrupt authorities and amazing plot twists, this cast of characters careen toward an all-out battle for New York… and their lives!

TURF HC, a 192-page full-color horror/noir/sci-fi comic book for $39.99, will be available at a comic store near you on July 20, 2011. For more information, visit www.TurfComic.com.