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December 31, 1969

Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker Sells Out Third Issue In a Row

Berkeley, CA – 9 June 2011 – Each issue of Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston’s BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER has been met not only with immediate approval from fans and reviewers, but with news of distribution-wide sell out as well! The third issue of this mind-altering NSFW comic is no exception, and Image Comics has rushed it back to press so retailers can restock this popular title right as the fourth issue is set to hit shelves.

“Three for three,” Casey responded when he heard the news of the sell out. “Mike and I are blown away by the response to the book so far. If anything, things get even more insane for Butcher and his rogues gallery from here on out… so everyone keep reading.”

As with each previous issue of BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER, reviewers have heaped words of both shock and approval upon the raunchy ongoing series, as well as its seemingly twisted creative team:

This comic also has some of the best and most unique art I’ve seen in a
while. ...There isn’t another comic on the shelves right now that looks
like this.” —Dean Stell at Weekly Comic Book Review

Casey and Mike Huddleston have a huge hit on their hands with this
title. ...One thing’s for sure, it’s a whole lot of fun…”—at Forces
of Geek

Butcher Baker is forward
thrust, like the big d**k metaphor of the semi. Even the cover has White
Lightning literally skull f**king Butcher Baker, with his horseshoe
mustache curiously remaining on his bony remains.”— Danny Djeljosevic
of Comics Bulletin

â”…something about it just seems raw that makes me have to tear my eyes from every page because I want to just lean into the comic and stare at it closer. The artwork in the comic just oozes with a vibe that is hard to not get sucked into… This isn’t something that you want your little kid reading for sure, but for all of us adults, this comic is just damn fun. We could all use a little more fun right? And lightning sex. Read the comic, then you’ll get it.†– Ryan Thomason at WatchPlayRead

“I’m now convinced that Joe Casey is the drug-addled, insane Hunter S. Thompson of the comic world. BUTCHER BAKER #3 does nothing to dissuade one from this position with its mix of seemingly peyote induced sage wisdom that somehow makes sense, excesses of rock star proportions, psychotic mood swings, satire, and classic comic storytelling.

“Mike Huddleston’s art is the perfect marriage to the script with it’s psychedelic styling and Freudian laced undertones (and overtones for that matter). Despite its hyper-sexuality, the images never feel pornographic or even overtly erotic (unless you have some issues).”— Eric Whitman of The Daily Blam!

The second printing of BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER #3 (APR118218), a raunchy 32-page full-color political/sexploitation superhero comic book, will be on sale June 29th, coinciding with the release of BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER #4 (APR110497).