Brian K. Vaughan calls DESCENDER "emotional, imaginative new universe"

February 5, 2015

Image Comics series poised to be a break-out hit, cover by Jeff Lemire revealed

The comics industry is abuzz about Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s eagerly-anticipated new epic, science-fiction series, DESCENDER, which launches on March 4. The new series has already been optioned for film by Sony Entertainment after a competitive bidding war. Advance praise of DESCENDER #1 has flooded the comics news cycle.

Image Comics is pleased to reveal a cover by Lemire featuring the TIM-21, the little robot that’s already captured the heart and imagination of the industry.

Advance praise for DESCENDER #1:

"Jeff Lemire has dreamt up an emotional, imaginative new universe, lavishly brought to life by the great Dustin Nguyen. I can't wait to see where they take TIM-21 next." —Brian K. Vaughan

“A beautiful cosmic opera and nuanced think piece, balancing the fear of the unknown with the spirit of adventure. Driven by the gorgeous visuals of artist Dustin Nguyen, Descender is a book on the rise.” —IGN

"I am already rooting for poor Tim, theorizing about the origin of the Harvesters and gripping the cross bar of the roller-coaster begging for another ride." —Damon Lindelof, co-creator of LOST and HBO's The Leftovers

“There's a lot of imagination in this book.” —Comic Book Resources

“I love Jeff Lemire. I love Dustin Nguyen. But believe me when I say Descender #1 is the best I've seen from both. This is a 5 star book!” —Mark Millar

“An epic sci-fi tale with a huge heart.” —Scott Snyder

“Epic, intelligent, and full of heart, and it looks like Sony was right on the money.” —Comics Alliance

DESCENDER #1 hits stores on March 4. Cover A (Nguyen) can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code JAN150567. Cover B (Lemire) can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code DEC148401. The final order cutoff deadline is Monday, February 9.