December 31, 1969

British Artist Shaky Kane’s Monster Truck Embraces Pop Culture at Image Comics

Berkeley, CA – 5 October 2011 – MONSTER TRUCK is British comic book legend Shaky Kane’s (BULLETPROOF COFFIN) psychedelic road trip in landscape format. Image Comics is set to unleash this hallucinogenic, panoramic journey in November, across 50 continuous panels in a deluxe, recolored, and remastered second printing of the Wishbone Studio cult classic graphic novel.

Taking its stylistic cues from the silver age of comics, SHAKY KANE’S MONSTER TRUCK will offer readers warped visions of American pop culture, mixed into a medley of automobiles, monsters, and mayhem!

“I’m so happy to bring more readers along for the ride,” the acclaimed writer/artist said. “Comics are great!”

Critics have been singing the praises of Kane’s work for years, and SHAKY KANE’S MONSTER TRUCK is no exception. Some of the recommendations already given have included these:

”...a transformative experience for both the truck, it’s driver and the reader.” Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool

”...‘widescreen’ psychedelic depictions of clowns, toy dolls and monster trucks over two pages seem that much more epic.” Brian Truitt, USAToday

“The world in a blender, all the tastiest parts shaken, rattled, and rolled into a Technicolor mind-warp!” Matt Seneca, Death To The Universe.

“I’ve been a fan of Shaky’s work since I was first exposed to his work in the pages of New Musical Express when I was a teenager, so it’s a thrill to have him here with projects like MONSTER TRUCK,” said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. “Everything Shaky does is pure, unadulterated comics—he loves this art form and loves testing out different ways to mold to it to his own uniquely twisted vision.”

SHAKY KANE’S MONSTER TRUCK (SEP110381, ISBN: 978-1-60706-470151499), a 108-page full-color graphic novel comic book for $14.99, will be on sale in stores November 23.