An abandoned and lawless town emerges in DRIFTER

August 12, 2014

The new series Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein announced at Image Expo

Writer Ivan Brandon (Wolverine, Men of War) and artist Nic Klein (Captain America, Thor), creators of VIKING, announced at Image Expo that they will reunite for the dark and ominous-sounding sci-fi tale, DRIFTER. The ongoing series will launch with issue #1 on November 12.

In DRIFTER, mankind has spread across the universe in a frantic rush to survive and has colonized and strip-mined countless planets in the process. Abram Pollux barely survives a crash landing on Ouro, a lawless backwater world where life is cheap. This world’s unique properties set the stage for a story that combines the dark wonder of a strange and alien landscape with the struggles of an abandoned and lawless frontier town.

In an exclusive interview with Multiversity Comics, Brandon talked at length about the setting for DRIFTER and its important role. “It could be argued that the world is maybe the most important character in this story,” said Brandon. “Worlds, even ours, have their own processes to stay alive and humans aren’t exceptionally good at respecting the balance an environment needs to maintain. Without spoiling too much let’s just say Ouro, the world in Drifter, is not a passive environment.”

DRIFTER features the dark revenge themes of Unforgiven with the mind-bending universe-building detail of Dune. What begins as a story about the struggle for survival quickly becomes a journey to the very edges of what it means to be human.

DRIFTER #1 will be available on 11/12 and Cover A by Klein can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code SEP140546. Cover B featuring artwork by Esad Ribic can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code SEP140547. Cover C with art by Cliff Chiang can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code SEP140548.