December 31, 1969

Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch’s new series gets 2nd printing

The first issue of Image Comics’ AMERICA’S GOT POWERS, by TV personality and comic book scribe Jonathan Ross (TURF) and the legendary artist Bryan Hitch (The Authority, The Ultimates), has sold out at the distributor level.

The first issue of this colorful new hit series that combines the entertainment world’s make-or-break reality show zeitgeist with the colorful, action-packed superhero genre is already being reprinted to meet demand. The second printing (FEB128169) will be on shelves May 9th, with AMERICA’S GOT POWERS #2 following just one week after on May 16th.

“AMERICA’S GOT POWERS marks a huge turning point for me as my first creator owned series,” Hitch commented. “The response has been overwhelming and there are so many other people to thank for helping to make the book such a success. I’m truly grateful to be telling the stories I’m passionate about and immensely proud that AGP has been greeted so warmly and so many have responded so kindly to Tommy and his fellow powered teens. Believe me, in this series and beyond, the best is still to come!”

AMERICA’S GOT POWERS is the story of the most successful TV show on Earth, a reality show of super-powered proportions. In AMERICA’S GOT POWERS, a generation of super-powered teens struggle to prove their worth while the whole world watches.