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December 31, 1969


In ALPHA GIRL, Judith is the last woman left standing when a cosmetic company’s new product turns the world’s women—and only women—into man-eating zombies. Retailers pursued the first issue of the new Image Comics series with equal voracity, as ALPHA GIRL #1 sold out in the week leading up to its release.

“We sold out? Finally, I have something in common with Jay-Z!†exclaimed writer Jean-Paul Bonjour upon hearing the news. â“In all seriousness though, I am so stoked for everyone to see Alpha Girl, and so appreciative of the retailer support.”

“Wow! I’ve been in this business since 1998 and I’ve never been involved with a sell out,†added artist Robert Love. â“I work with the best people that had a solid vision that made this possible.â€

ALPHA GIRL will continue Judith’s quest to rescue her little brother from the ravenous horde, keep her status as the last uninfected woman on earth, and quite possibly save the world as well with issue #2 (JAN120575), in stores on March 14.

The creators of ALPHA GIRL are celebrating the launch of their new series with a party and books signing at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on February 2, featuring cocktail mistresses Alie and Georgia, Sean Patton, sketch group Diani and Devine, DJ Douggpound, Steve Agee, and Margaret Cho. Tickets are available at NerdMelt.