Geiger Webskin

Adventure Awaits in July's Science Fiction Graphic Novels

April 23, 2014

Image Comics has announced its trade paperback and graphic novels scheduled for release in July, including the titles ALEX + ADA, ELEPHANTMEN, HOWTOONS, ROCKET GIRL, TECH JACKET, and THINK TANK. Whether exploring the ethics of technology, making science fun for kids, or pumping up the adventure with time travel, these are science fiction page-turners for every reader.

ALEX + ADA VOLUME ONE by Jonathan Luna (GIRLS, THE SWORD, ULTRA) and Sarah Vaughn tells the story of a reluctant android owner and the ultra-realistic humanoid robot he calls Ada. Alex never thought he’d have an X5 model to begin with, but when Ada arrives in his life, he realizes he wants something more for her A poignant and probing look at relationships, ALEX + ADA VOLUME ONE is a great read for fans of the movie Her. (Rated Teen+)

ELEPHANTMEN MAMMOTH EDITION VOLUME ONE by writers Richard Starkings and Joe Kelly (I KILL GIANTS) and drawn by top comics artists, including Boo Cook, Chris Bachalo, Chris Burnham, and Moritat, clocks in at a whopping 488 pages, collecting essential issues of the science fiction series that questions the meaning of “humanity.” Animal/human hybrids called Elephantmen face discrimination and trauma as they try to integrate into society after being used as super-soldiers in a brutal war. (Rated Mature)

HOWTOONS: TOOLS OF MASS CONSTRUCTION by Nick Dragotta, Saul Griffith, Joost Bonson, and Ingrid Dragotta collects the very best of the comics series that was created to get kids involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as building their reading skills! Sister and brother Seline and Tucker use everyday items to construct science projects and create adventures. Younger kids will be able to do the project with adults’ help, while middle grade students will have fun while learning independently. (Rated Everyone)

Fifteen-year-old Dayoung Johansson is a time cop, and she’s zooming back in time to 1986 from a future New York in ROCKET GIRL VOLUME ONE: TIMES SQUARED by Brandon Montclare (HALLOWEEN EVE) and Amy Reeder (Batwoman, HALLOWEEN EVE). The Quintum Mechanics megacorporation has committed crimes against time, but when Dayoung begins to unravel the mystery, she discovers her future shouldn’t exist. Pure fun, ROCKET GIRL features one of comics’ best young female protagonists to date. (Rated Teen)

Before THE WALKING DEAD, Robert Kirkman created TECH JACKET, a science fiction adventure series about a high school student who gets superpowers thanks to alien technology — the Tech Jacket. Now it’s back with VOLUME TWO, written by Kirkman, Aubrey Sitterson, and Joe Keatinge (GLORY, SHUTTER) and drawn by E.J. Su and Khary Randolph. (Rated Teen)

David Loren, the protagonist of THINK TANK by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal, is an enfant terrible, a former child prodigy under contract with the United States Defense Department. After a crisis of conscience, he wants to escape, but the government isn’t going to let him — and the secrets he knows — out easily. This hardcover edition of the series’ first volume is limited to 1,000 copies. (Rated Teen+)