December 31, 1969

New Image Comics mini-series COMEBACK explores mortality

In the world of COMEBACK by Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh, the new mini-series coming from Image Comics/Shadowline in November, death isn’t necessarily inescapable. The secret organization Reconnect sends agents back in time to rescue people moments before their untimely deaths, reversing tragedy and reuniting lost loved ones with their families. Mark is one of these agents, and despite the seeming good of what he’s doing, he discovers there is a dark side to saving the dead.

“Mark does this job because it’s fairly easy and pays well. Although it’s illegal, he justifies it to himself because he’s helping people,” said writer Brisson. “He’s pushed to do some things that go counter to his own beliefs and is stuck with the moral dilemma of breaking his own code of ethics or dying.”

In COMEBACK’s science fictional world, the role of wealth plays an ever-increasingly important role.

“I wanted to treat mortality as a commodity,” explained Brisson. “Everyone is still mortal. Everyone dies. But, for the rich, life becomes something that can be extended for the right amount of money. While there are limitations on who can be saved from a premature death, it’s still only the wealthy who are able to afford the luxury of bringing back their gone-to-soon loved ones.”

Mark sees the problems this inequality creates first-hand as his partner, Seth becomes obsessed with his own mortality and begins using Reconnect’s time-travel capabilities for financial gain. When Seth’s activities risk exposing Reconnect, agents like himself and Mark find themselves in danger of being exposed along with it.

COMEBACK is a full-color, five-issue monthly mini-series debuting on November 21. Writer Brisson is best known for his work as a comics letterer and his online comic Murder Book, on which he has collaborated with several artists, including COMEBACK artist Walsh.