A new beginning for the industry's biggest franchise

May 15, 2014

THE WALKING DEAD #127 sells out instantly and rushes back to press

The 127th issue of the bestselling ongoing series THE WALKING DEAD sold out instantly at the distributor level and will be immediately rushed to a second printing to meet customer demand.

On the heels of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s conclusion to the epic All Out War story arc, this issue marks a new beginning for the hit series and has left longtime fans and new readers alike eager to know what happens next. “This ‘new beginning’ was a big risk for us, and it's extremely gratifying to see how well it's been received,” said Kirkman. “It's good to know that despite so many changes in the book, the devotion of its readers hasn't changed at all.”

Despite being the bestselling franchise in the industry according to Diamond Distributors, a fixture of the New York Times bestseller list for numerous consecutive weeks, and having a hit cable television show on AMC of the same name, the series remains under-ordered within the direct market a stunning 10 years and 127 issues after its debut.

“It’s always frustrating when a bonafide hit like The Walking Dead sells out,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “When we sell out, stores can’t sell the book, and readers can’t get it—we all suffer. In the time it takes to reprint a book like The Walking Dead #127, we’re all left waiting weeks, and it just winds up being a missed opportunity. That said, we are making it easier for retailers to restock this issue, while also making sure they don’t sell out of the next one quite so quickly.”

THE WALKING DEAD #127 has completely sold out at the distributor level, but may still be available in comic stores. The digital version is currently available DRM-free on the Image Comics website (imagecomics.com), plus it can be downloaded from Comixology on the web (comixology.com), Apple iOS, Android, and Google Play.

Image Comics is sending this 127th issue back to print to meet customer demand, but it will not be reprinted again. The second printing of THE WALKING DEAD #127 (Diamond Code APR148156) will release on 6/11.

THE WALKING DEAD #128 will release on 6/11 and can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code APR140615. This will be the only printing of this issue.

“We want retailers to join us in making The Walking Dead #127 the last issue we reprint for this series,” noted Stephenson. “This is the beginning of the 22nd arc for one of the most successful comic series of all time, and it shouldn’t be news to anyone that this is a solid seller, on an issue-to-issue basis. We’re going to do our part by making this series easier than ever for retailers to support, but after that, it’s up to them to make sure every issue is available to as many readers who want the book, month-in and month-out.”