Geiger Webskin


December 31, 1969

Jackie Estacado’s daughter the focus in THE DARKNESS #112 & #113

Jackie Estacado, crime boss and wielder of an ancient force called the Darkness, seemed to have his life under control. In the unfolding “Breaking Dark” story arc of Top Cow’s long-running series THE DARKNESS, Jackie has used the power endowed by the Darkness to remake the world according to his will. But this act has had disastrous consequences. Jackie’s doppelganger has taken over his crime organization, his wife’s mind is slowly unraveling, and his daughter Hope is the most powerful vessel for the Darkness to ever have existed.

In this decaying world, Hope embarks on her own journey in THE DARKNESS #112, the first half of a two-part story that is a perfect jumping-on point for readers who want to enter the world of THE DARKNESS. Following a trail of blood that leads to a forest bordering her father’s estate, Hope encounters all manner of monsters, sprung to life out of her favorite fairy tales - and the immortal forces known as the Ancient Ones.

And as the true extent of her powers begins to manifest, Hope starts to wonder if she is the scariest creature in the deep, dark woods.

Written by David Hine (THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN, STORM DOGS) and drawn by Jeremy Haun, Hope’s story will widen the universe of THE DARKNESS even further, asking what role a girl coming of age will play in the eternal struggle of the forces Light and Darkness.

THE DARKNESS #112 will be in stores on April 10, to be followed by the second half of Hope’s story in #113 in stores in May.