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Spawn: Satan Saga Wars Pairs Larsen & McFarlane [Gallery]

This week's SPAWN: SATAN SAGA WARS features Spawn's descent into Hell to rescue the love of his life. Wanda was murdered before her time by agents of Hell, and now Satan wants not only her life, but the life of Al Simmons as well. How else will he secure Spawn's costume and use the symbiote to gain power beyond anyone's imagining?

A highlight of this tale is seeing SAVAGE DRAGON creator Erik Larsen working closely with SPAWN creator Todd McFarlane. Larsen and McFarlane co-plotted the story, and on top of that, they're tag-teaming the art, too. McFarlane is working over Larsen's pages, with colors by FCO Plascencia and letters by the living legend Tom Orzechowski. Take a giant-sized look at a few highly impressive pages from the finished product below!

SPAWN #259:


SPAWN #260:

SPAWN #261: