Everything You Need To Know: Switch

STJEPAN SEJIC: There's a good reason why you're seeing his name more and more often. He's completed dozens of issues of Top Cow titles like WITCHBLADE, APHRODITE IX, and ARTIFACTS. His BDSM romance series SUNSTONE is an incredible smash hit, with three volumes out now. DEATH VIGIL, his supernatural action series, debuts in a collected edition today. Sejic's work is reaching an audience that's hungry for more, and no one else is making comics with his kind of swagger. With SWITCH, he's been given the reins to the Top Cow Universe so he can put his own unique stamp on it. This isn't a reboot so much as a fresh look. What happens when you re-create a universe from its original foundation? In the case of SWITCH, the answer is "magic."

THE FAMILIAR: Characters like Witchblade and The Darkness have made the Top Cow Universe one of the most fascinating in comics, and speak well of the possibilities of the universe. Whether you like horror, police procedurals, deep metaphysical examinations, historical fantasy, or hard sci-fi, Top Cow has something for you. Part of the beauty of comics is that all you need to sell a story to a reader is to be convincing and confident. When Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado were placed into situations that threw them completely out of their—and our—comfort zone, their stories shone. A little bit of familiarity goes a long way, especially when you're shaking things up.

MEETS THE NEW: Nothing stays the same forever. As you grow and change, the culture around you grows and changes, and so must your entertainment. Imagine what would happen if an Estacado received The Darkness in a post-mafia world, or if Sara Pezzini became the bearer of the Witchblade in this era of Vine and Instagram. New twists are what keep established ideas vibrant, and SWITCH #1 is a new idea. The main character, Mary, is a shy high school girl. She has friends, and her life is pretty okay, but nothing can prepare her for the coming of what's next. If you grew up enjoying the Top Cow Universe, SWITCH is a fun look at what that universe could look like if it originated today. New characters step into established roles, classic characters are transformed into new shapes, and all of it is self-contained within the pages of SWITCH. In SWITCH, the Top Cow Universe is back for the first time, and now's your chance to get in on the ground floor.

SWITCH #1 is available now. SWITCH #2 arrives 11/18.