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Everything You Need To Know: Mythic

UPSIDE DOWN: Science is a lie. Do you know what makes the world go 'round? It's magic. It's always been magic. Science is simply a story we tell ourselves about the observable world in an attempt to stay sane, but in truth? The world is not what we think it is. Natural disasters may be caused by giant monsters gone walkabout and altered weather patterns might be thanks to supernatural creatures merely doing what they know with no attention paid to the consequences. This is a good starting point for a series, as it turns MYTHIC into both a secret history—revealing things that were previously kept hidden—and a strong, grounded fantasy tale. If you declare that science is fake and magic is real, you have to justify it compared to what we know as reality. That means that the series splits the difference between outré action and grounded drama. The action keeps you hooked, and the grounded drama makes you believe it.

BEST JOB I EVER HAD: MYTHIC stars the men and women employed by Mythic Lore Services, an organization that exists below the surface of what we know to be true. They're the ones who keep the peace, who protect us from the magical creatures who would do us harm, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They're a global organization, with offices and field teams ready to deploy at a moment's notice. Staffed by experienced explorers of supernatural phenomena, ghosts, sympathetic supernatural beings, and a former cell phone salesman, Mythic Lore Services is crucial to life as we know it.

THINGS GET WORSE: Mythic Lore Services is crucial to life as we know it...until, suddenly, things go from steady to unpredictable. What do you do when your everyday life is completely up-ended? When standard bureaucracy gives way to an emergency rescue mission?

You get on with it and you do the job.

From MYTHIC #1:

MYTHIC #4 is on sale today. MYTHIC #5 ships 10/14.