Everything You Need To Know: IXth Generation, Vol. 1

Embrace the Universe: Standalone stories are great, but there's something magical about a shared universe. IXth GENERATION is part of the same setting as WITCHBLADE, THE DARKNESS, and more, thanks to the presence of objects of power known as "Artifacts." There are thirteen Artifacts, including the Angelus, Darkness, and Witchblade, and they can change the course of humanity for good or ill, depending on the desires of those who bear them. This was true in the time before recorded history, and it's definitely true in IXth GENERATION, as these Artifacts are still very relevant, even in a fallen world. As a result, if you know a little bit about the Top Cow Universe, you'll find a lot to enjoy in IXth GENERATION. Once-familiar objects, ideas, and settings are placed into new contexts, so even if you're new to the world, just follow along instead of thinking you're lost. You'll catch up.

Echoes From History: You'll definitely recognize the mythological namesakes of the core cast of IXth GENERATION. In the series, nine cybernetic "gods" awaken in the 2800s to find an Earth drastically altered from what we know. These gods are cybernetic organisms, the latest in a line of ultra-advanced cyborg technology that began propagating in the 20th century. These gods set up their own fiefdoms in an attempt to enforce their own idea of order on the world. If you know anything about Greek gods, however, you know that they were a dysfunctional bunch. In both mythology and IXth GENERATION, detente is not really an option.

Family Dynamics: And just like in Greek mythology, the family dynamics are complex, too. It isn't so much "brother against brother" as a web of motivations, deceit, playing for time, and social climbing. IXth GENERATION is a sci-fi action tale, but there's plenty of relationship-based drama to keep you glued to the page, too. Some characters seek to make the world more palatable for everyone, while others are jockeying for total control, or merely the ability to run their fiefdom as they see fit. Just like certain Greek gods were known for being capricious, mercurial, or worse, the gods of this world must deal with terminal sibling rivalry, unwanted love, and worse, on top of governing their people. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote, "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." He meant mad in terms of insane, but here? It may just mean angry.

Futuristic Culture, Too: Give an individual nearly unlimited power and watch them reshape the world in their image. The gods in IXth GENERATION are leaders of their own nation-states, and those lands reflect their rules. The citizens exist in lands that may encourage unbridled hedonism or a strict attention to order, depending on what their cybernetic god has decided best represents their personality. Thanks to the included IXth GENERATION: HIDDEN FILES, this trade paperback gives you everything you need to know about the future of Earth.