Everything You Need To Know: 8HOUSE

The Format: 8HOUSE is a collaborative sci-fi fantasy series, and each creative team involved in the project handles one story arc in this burgeoning universe. The story arcs are meant as complete stories unto themselves, so while certain stories may share elements, you aren't required to read one in order to understand another. However, being that they run in the same series and are geared toward new readers, reading everything will give you a greater understanding of the universe those stories take place in.

The Schedule: There are four 8HOUSE stories. Arclight is created by Marian Churchland & Brandon Graham, and its first two chapters ran in 8HOUSE #1 and #2. Kiem is created by Xurxo G. Penalta & Brandon Graham, and its first chapter ran in 8HOUSE #3. Yorris is created by Helen Maier & Fil Barlow, and its first two chapters will run in 8HOUSE #4 and #5. Finally, Mirror, created by Emma RĂ­os & Hwei Lim, will run in its entirety from 8HOUSE #6-9. After that, the finales for the remaining stories will run early next year.

The Art: If you're wondering "Why such a weird schedule?", the answer is easy: the goal of 8HOUSE is not just to build a new world, but to make sure that it is the best-looking world around. By staggering the chapters, the creators get to take their time to make sure the stories look as nice as possible, and you get to dip your toe into a variety of stories that are guaranteed to look like nothing else on the shelves.

No, Really, Look At The Art: There are two chapters of Arclight on sale now, and the first chapter of Kiem arrives today. If you're on the fence or unsure about the series, try this: just flip through it, or check out the preview pages in this post. 8HOUSE is something different, a combination of shared universe storytelling bolstered by an understanding that no other medium can match the storytelling you find in comics. The 8HOUSE stories are all beautiful, but beautiful in entirely different ways. If you're looking for a comic to knock your socks off on a regular basis, this is the one.