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Dragotta & Hickman on East of West's Greatest Hits

Jonathan Hickman's favorite:


Nick used the last page of this scene, but I don't care so much about the direct analogy of Babylon and The Ballon (I mean, I do, but...). It's more about this scene being the best example of what we're trying to do with the series in the macro.

Here's a story that's been mythologized. It's the world. The things you pursue but can't have, the things you believe in, the things that might protect you, and all of them are not what they seem and might possibly be a lie.

I love that we did all of that as the flourish at the end of year one of the book. And really, how good are Nick and Frank on these pages?

Nick Dragotta's favorites:

EAST OF WEST #6 (and a related page from #15):

I like Bel's escape and that it's also the birth of Buer of the Legion.

EAST OF WEST #8 & 9:

Death visits the Oracle and loses an eye. She says she wants something, and I wanted the reader to think it was kiss, but she takes his eye instead. We also visit her in a flashback and we see what the Horsemen did to her.


Babylon is being raised by an AI. I like the interplay of how he sees the world through this AI against what it really is. As a parent, I see the effects of giving your kids too much tech and how it takes time away from them interacting with the real world. What happens when we raise kids on all this new tech? It's a good analogy for the internet. What's real, what's not, what happens when there are no more real interactions?

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