Chrononauts: Sean Gordon Murphy Is On Point [Gallery]

Image Comics: Sean, what do you enjoy best about working with Mark? What does he bring to the table for you?

Sean Murphy: Mark is the easiest partner I've ever worked with, hands down. Not only did he provide me with 4 completed issues (up front with no waiting) of a series that I adore, he also tailored the book to suit the things that I loved drawing. Chrononauts reminded me that comics are supposed to be fun, and Mark reminded me of that. He's also a great mentor when it comes to learning about the Hollywood side of comics. No one cracked the comics/movie code like he did, and having him write me these really honest and informative emails was always very enlightening (whether he was talking about the future of our book, the directors for the movie, the actors, or breakdown of the sales). Very few artistically-minded people have the business gene, and I'm grateful to have Mark as a friend.

IC: Mark, same question for you. What makes Sean a go-to guy?

Mark Millar: An editor once told me once that you need to be two of three things to get regular work as a comic-book freelancer: Be Fast, Be On Time, and Be A Nice Person. He said all three was the Holy Grail. It pretty much never happens, but even two of the three is enough to keep you in gigs for a long time. Sean, I’m pleased to report, is all three. In fact, he’s four out of three because he’s not just fast; it’s like he’s Neo-at-the-end-of-The-Matrix fast. He’s hitting speeds you can’t believe and the work is pretty much the best I’ve ever had, which is crazy when you think of the guys I tend to partner up with. Every day I had at least one page sitting in my inbox. Clicking my email was like looking under the Christmas tree. I’ve done this job since I was nineteen and I think this is the easiest, most fun, and perfect partnership I’ve ever had. I can’t wait until we do the sequel in the New Year.