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Bressan & Williamson on Birthright's Greatest Hits

Andrei Bressan's Favorite:

The struggle to pick one thing when everything is connected...

Okay! Let’s take a look back and try to find one of my favorite moments from BIRTHRIGHT! When David and Josh asked me to write about my favorite moment from BIRTHRIGHT, my mind was running back and forth in a crazy and endless loop. And then, when I decided to rest my head, an overflow of ideas appeared. I guess we are all looking at my favorite moment here, from BIRTHRIGHT #15:

I might never fully understand how things work between us, but Josh asked that this page show Mikey's evolution over time. This is pretty much how I viewed BIRTHRIGHT so far, as having a chance to do the progression of a hero from a very frightened boy. We see Mikey changing, not just getting stronger or finding crazy loot, but changing from a fragile and expressive kid. We see how hardened he became. The smile starts to fade. His body language changes deeply, showing how he wants to be seen and how he deals with the outside world.

It may sound obvious, but this is something we see every day. We tend to grow hardened; our movements and expressions tend to diminish over the years. And so, this image is all about changes. BIRTHRIGHT is all about changes! You know, when you first look at the logo, you have some solid, straight lines and a name that suggests destiny...almost saying: in here, everything is set. An Aristotelic idea, sure, but in every issue Josh brings a lot of changes and twists. Nothing here will be same, and this is something that's really cool to see if you think you're picking up a family drama, because every family is filled with rules. In order to be accepted, we play by the rules. And here we have all sorts of people changing places and filling the book with conflict. I would bet that, in here, "destiny" is filled with Shakespearian irony, and Josh will make it fresh for us.

Joshua Williamson's Favorite:

Issue 11 of BIRTHRIGHT had a bunch of really cool epic scenes, but this one really stuck with me. It was the first time Mikey started to realize that he could control his own destiny, but it was also the first sign of Mikey starting to rebel against the people that brought him there. So much of this comic is about the relationships we have with our families. Here Mikey is yelling back at Rook, who has become his father figure, showing his teenage side, but also reminding Rook that he is NOT his father. It was a big emotional beat for Mikey and Andrei nailed it.

BIRTHRIGHT is available in both collected editions and ongoing single issues.