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Black Creators We Recommend You Read

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Rodney Barnes

Rodney Barnes is the writer of KILLADELPHIA with co-creator Jason Shawn Alexander for Image Comics. He's an award-winning writer/producer of HBO’s Showtime, Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Marvel’s Runaways, Starz’s American Gods, and a host of other television programs and films. He has also authored graphic novels for Lion Forge’s Quincredible and Star Wars - Lando: Double or Nothing, as well as Falcon for Marvel Comics. Rodney resides in Los Angeles.


Marc Bernardin

Marc Bernardin is a journalist, TV writer, and comic book writer. His latest with Image/Top Cow is GENIUS with co-creators Adam Freeman and Afua Richardson.

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Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is the writer and co-creator of BITTER ROOT with David F. Walker and Sanford Greene, and ON THE STUMP with Prenzy from Image Comics. He has written The Punisher and Black Panther comics for Marvel. He is the writer and co-creator of Rotten Apple for Dark Horse Comics and has been self-publishing for more than 18 years. He's also written comics for Zenescope Entertainment, 12-Gauge Comics, and Line Webtoon.

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Johnnie Christmas

Johnnie Christmas is the creator/writer/artist of FIREBUG. He’s also co-creator and artist of the Image Comics series SHELTERED with Ed Brisson, PISCES and TARTARUS with Jack T. Cole. Additionally, his work has been published by Dark Horse Comics, Valiant Entertainment, BOOM! Studios & Black Mask Studios. A graduate of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, he makes his home in Vancouver, BC.

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Valentine De Landro

Valentine De Landro is a Canadian comic book artist, illustrator, and designer. He is the co-creator of BITCH PLANET with Kelly Sue DeConnick. His other credits include titles from Marvel, DC Comics, IDW, Valiant, Dark Horse, and Image Comics. He’s known for Marvel Knights: 4 and X-Factor.

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Tee Franklin

Tee Franklin is a Queer disabled Black woman who writes comics: “The Outfit” (NAILBITER #27), “A Blazin'” (in the Ignatz award-winning Elements Anthology), Tears (in the Eisner-winning and New York Times bestselling Love is Love), and Inclusive Press' Queer romance graphic novella, BINGO LOVE with Jenn St-Onge and Joy San. Franklin won the 2017 Queer Press Grant for BINGO LOVE and raised almost $60,000 for this graphic novella via Kickstarter. She fights for inclusion in comics, no matter the risks, as she hopes that the next generation of marginalized comic creators won't have to put up with what's been happening for the past 75-plus years.

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Sanford Greene

Sanford Greene is the artist on BITTER ROOT with David F. Walker and Chuck Brown. He has worked professionally in comic illustration and related industries for over 15 years, including work for mainline publishers such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image Comics. Recent work includes the hit Marvel series Power Man and Iron Fist as well as covers for Black Panther and Luke Cage. He currently works on his creator-owned online comic series for Line Webtoon, and 1000.

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Rob Guillory

Born, raised and currently based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Rob Guillory is most known for his art on Image Comics' longrunning series CHEW. Written by John Layman, the book has achieved much success, winning two Harvey Awards (including Best New Talent for Guillory) and two Eisner Awards (Best New Series in 2010 and Best Continuing Series in 2011). He is the creator of the Image ongoing series FARMHAND.

Edward laroche 1 a565caf42f 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Edward Laroche

Edward Laroche is the writer/artist of the Image series THE WARNING. He serves as a storyboard artist in advertising and commercials for various clients including CBS Studios, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, HASBRO, and AMC. Laroche self-published his first two graphic novels, Almighty and Waveform, to critical acclaim.

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MD Marie

MD Marie is a Gen Xer, born and raised in the South Bay Area along with two younger brothers. Her latest work for Image/Top Cow is VINDICATION with Dema Jr. and Carlos Miko. Marie graduated from FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) with a degree in Marketing. She’s written a novel, fiction, poetry, vignettes, short stories, plays, and screenplays.

Shawn martinbrough a3138ed168 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Shawn Martinbrough

Shawn is the artist of THIEF OF THIEVES, published by Skybound/Image Comics. The celebrated graphic novel crime series is written by Robert Kirkman and Eisner Award nominees Andy Diggle and Brett Lewis.

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Khary Randolph

Khary Randolph is a veteran of the comic book and animation industries. Works include TECH JACKET and EXCELLENCE with Brandon Thomas (Image/Skybound), co-creating Mosaic (Marvel), and We Are Robin (DC Comics). He lives in Brooklyn but will rep Boston till the day he dies.
Photo Credit: Nahuel Roark


Afua Richardson

Afua Richardson is an artist and musician known for working on GENIUS with Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin from Image/Top Cow Productions.

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Jimmie Robinson

Jimmie Robinson is the creator, writer, and artist for several Image Comics and Shadowline series, including BOMB QUEEN, FIVE WEAPONS, and THE EMPTY. A California native, he has worked in comics for twenty years. He received an Inkpot Award in 2015.

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Brian Stelfreeze

Stelfreeze acts as art director for 12-Gauge Comics, and has provided interior artwork for their titles THE RIDE, Gun Candy, and ICE, as well as many of their most iconic covers. He was the artist on Image's MATADOR with Devin Grayson. As a painter, penciller, inker, and colorist, Brian Stelfreeze has worked for nearly every major U.S. comic book publisher, and was one of the original members of Atlanta's famous Gaijin Studios. While Stelfreeze has been known throughout his career primarily as a cover artist, painting more than 50 consecutive cover illustrations for DC Comics’ Batman: Shadow of the Bat, he's also produced a significant amount of sequential work, including his Eisner Award-Nominated run as the artist (both interior and cover art) on the 2016 revival of Marvel's Black Panther with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.

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Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas is the critically acclaimed writer and co-creator of comics series HORIZON with Juan Gedeon and EXCELLENCE with Khary Randolph (Skybound/Image). Previous works includes the award-winning series Noble (Lion Forge) and Voltron (Dynamite). He lives in Southern California with his wife and son.
Photo Credit: Al Bogdan

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David F. Walker

David F. Walker is the writer of BITTER ROOT with Chuck Brown and Sanford Greene. He has worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Boom, Dynamite, and Image. He teaches at Portland State University.

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Ronald Wimberly

Ronald Wimberly's most recent works of note were the critically acclaimed PRINCE OF CATS and the cartoon essay “Lighten Up” for The Nib on Medium. He is an artist who works primarily in design and narrative. He is also an accomplished cartoonist, having designed several graphic novels as well as shorter works for DC/Vertigo, Nike, Marvel, Hill and Wang, and Dark Horse.