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Undiscovered Country #1 Launch Signing w/ Scott Snyder & Charles Soule

Saturday, November 16, 2019 11:00am – 2:00pm


Third Eye Faithful, we’re bringing 2019 to its conclusion with one of our biggest signings yet — and we know you are STOKED like we are to be a part of it!

This November, we’ll be making your November a November to Remember as we bring in two colossal comic book superstars: SCOTT SNYDER (DARK NIGHTS METAL, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN COURT OF OWLS, and more) and CHARLES SOULE (LETTER 44, DAREDEVIL, CURSE WORDS, and more) to launch their new IMAGE COMICS hit series, UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1!

UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY is set to be one of the biggest creator-owned comic series in quite some time, following in the footsteps of mega-hits like SAGA, and we are so darn pumped to be kicking it off in style at Third Eye with these two modern legends!