Little Girls @ Third Eye Comics

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 7:00pm – 8:00pm


Third Eye Faithful, you know that we love hosting amazing creators and that you all have the best time with these events! We're so stoked to be able to bring you another signing, this time with LITTLE GIRLS writer NICHOLAS AFLLEJE and artist SARAH DELAINE!

You guys know that we've been loving pretty much everything that's been coming out of Image Comics this year; they've dropped some of our favorite things like BLACKBIRD, FAIRLADY, LITTLE BIRD, DIE, and many, many more. So it's safe to say, that LITTLE GIRLS is definitely going to be a book you have to add to your shelves. Weaving an unsettling plot alongside a relatable story of growing up, dealing with normal kid stuff, and oh, a brain-eating twist, Little Girls is bound to be a favorite sooner than later!

Sarah DeLaine has performed many roles within the comic book industry for over a decade, but she prefers creating comics best of all. Her work has been featured in Aftershock’s Shock Anthology, and she has contributed to such titles as Roche Limit and Enormous.

Nicholas is teaming up with Sarah DeLaine for the first time on his debut graphic novel in LITTLE GIRLS! Nicholas Aflleje writes fiction late at night from within the confines of his residence in Jacksonville, Florida.

So, Third Eye Faithful, get stoked, and make sure you join us on June 19th, 2019 from 7pm-8pm and help us celebrate LITTLE GIRLS VOL. 1!

What's the scoop on LITTLE GIRLS?
Something hunts people on the outskirts of town...

Sam and Lielet are two new friends living in Ethiopia. They're dealing with the kind of problems that all kids have: judgmental social cliques, condescending adults, alienation... and a legendary brain-eating monster straight out of folklore. Sure, it's not going to be easy, but all they have to do is live through it.

Showcasing a quietly unsettling plot and building tension similar to NICK DRNASO's Sabrina and ADRIAN TOMINE's Killing and Dying, debut creative team NICHOLAS AFLLEJE and SARAH DeLAINE construct a poignant story of otherness and mystery.

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So, we've put together a really cool free giveaway for the first 10 of you who arrive early and line up for our signing with Nicholas and Sarah!