Signing&Show w/ Little Girls creators, Amanda X, Teenage Bigfoot

Thursday, May 9, 2019 6:00pm – 9:00pm


Comics and music, finally together for the first time at Brave New Worlds!

Meet the up and coming creators of LITTLE GIRLS Nicholas Aflleje and Sarah Delaine, and stick around for a performances by hometown heroes AMANDA X and TEENAGE BIGFOOT!

Where - Brave New Worlds, 55 N 2nd St
When - 6pm - 9pm
How much - TOTALLY FREE!

SPACE IS LIMITED! Show up on time to guarantee that you get in!


About the book!

Little Girls - Something hunts people on the outskirts of town… Sam and Lielet are two new friends living in Ethiopia. They’re dealing with the kind of problems that all kids have: judgmental social cliques, condescending adults, alienation… and a legendary brain-eating monster straight out of folklore. Sure, it’s not going to be easy, but all they have to do is live through it. Showcasing a quietly unsettling plot and building tension similar to NICK DRNASO’s Sabrina and ADRIAN TOMINE’s Killing and Dying, debut creative team NICHOLAS AFLLEJE and SARAH DeLAINE construct a poignant story of otherness and mystery.

Nicholas Aflleje -
Sarah DeLaine -

About the bands!

-- Amanda X -
With an uninhibited musical dynamic that could only be birthed from three friends, Amanda X delivers with ethereal vocal harmonies, heavy hits and solid guitar work. Formed in late spring of 2012, Amanda X’s members set to work and self-released their first EP on tape a few months later.

In August of 2017, they released their long awaited second album, "Giant," following up 2014's effort, "Amnesia. Given the political climate, they chose to release the album (in conjunction w/ Self Aware Records) digitally and donate the proceeds to Women Against Abuse. Most recently in March of this year, they released a 7" called "Vivid End of Days"

-- Teenage Bigfoot -
Teenage Bigfoot has been playing out of Philadelphia since the fall of 2014, getting their start at Philly's own First Time's the Charm fest. After a few lineup changes, 5 EPs, 3 splits, and a handful of fests, they've shed their baby fat and are resurrecting the spirit of punk with their unique approach to the classic rhetoric all while leaving behind the rude dude experience the scene's come to expect. Teenage Bigfoot came to play and they're always ready to party.


Come party with us!
(No stagediving... sing-alongs encouraged though)